About us

When I stilled lived in Poland I studied Tourism at the Academy of Economics. By profession I am an accountant, but by heart I have a huge passion for tourism and if it were possible I would spend my life exploring new and exciting places. Unfortunately the practical side of life made me choose accounting as a career choice, and also allowed me to create my own accounting practice. For years now a feeling has been growing within me to fulfil my passion and love for gallivanting (as I would say) in Africa into something more real and to share it with as many people as possible. The beauty of this country and its neighbouring countryside changes when you can show and share it with other people.

It gives me great joy knowing we can share and enjoy a safari on land or on the sea together. That is why for the last three years slowly but systematically my husband and I started advertising about who we are and what we do. We would like for those visiting us to have an unforgettable adventure in Africa, known as the Black Land, and we want to fill you with a feeling of nostalgia to see and experience more and more. Having lived here for 28 years we realise that it is impossible to see and know the country in such a short time. Even for us we are still discovering new places. That is why we are trying to combine your visit here with us with as many different categories of adventure.

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