We organize tours in the Republic of South Africa and neighboring countries. No matter what you choose to experience or see, may it be scuba diving, sky diving, water rafting, ballooning or macro lighting in the sky, we will be there with you all the way.

We would advise that you take at least 10-14days when coming to South Africa, as we would like to combine the most popular destinations with a little something more extreme.

The choices to make are quite vast:

There is rock climbing or hiking in the beautiful Drakensburg Mountains Water sports on rivers, dams or in the ocean, which also includes in or under the water as well. For lovers of fishing we can organize a boat to take you out to sea, either the Indian or Atlantic and if you would prefer more inland then out to the rivers and dams. Exciting river rafting on canoes or speed boats. You can also sleep in tents on the banks of the rivers and breathe the African air. The list is endless

Of course there are those that don’t like to hike and would prefer something a little more luxurious and comforting. So for them we can organize safari rides on jeeps, balloons and even on elephants.

When it comes to neighboring countries, what would be worth seeing is the beauty of Namibia and its naked and harsh exterior where animals and plant life make home. It’s very different to other countries as it is surrounded by beautiful sand dunes that are forever changing shape and moving throughout the country.

Or perhaps Botswana and seeing the Okavango Delta where the flora and fauna flourish after the rainy season.

Zambia is another breath taking destination where of course one must see Victoria Falls and experience the adrenaline rush when river rafting down the Zambezi.

Africa simply awaits your decision to come explore and experience all it has to offer.